Connie's garage organization was created in remembrance of my mother Connie, who raised 7 children on her own. She experienced the hardships and struggles of being a single mother but always put the love she had for her children first. As a mother of 7, Connie hardly had the time or finances to invest in vehicle maintenance such as oil changes or basic vehicle necessities. My mother was not saved when she started attending my church but as time progressed she became saved. God put the desire in her heart to create Single Mom’s Oil Change for mothers out in the world who put their children first and vehicles second. At Connie's Garage, single mothers will receive a free oil change, standard vehicle checkup, and a car wash performed by members of the church. While vehicle is being serviced church members are available to offer prayers and guidance. Our goal is to have a full-service center to perform minor vehicle repairs as well as oil changes to lighten the load for single mothers.
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This program enhances the future of the youth to train and teach artistic individuals the creativity of media technology. We focus on educating individuals to make professional recordings in all music fields by sharing and spreading the word of God. For more information, you may contact us via email at



Art Cardenas Ministries International impacts our city, our nation, and our world by spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Pastor Art Cardenas reaches out to different communities all over the world in influence and guide individuals through their journey to fulfill God’s divine plan and purpose to their lives. For more information, you may contact us via email at